Clothing & Equipment


Your child should be ready to go with the following before the start of each session. 


  • Socks
  • Shoes                    
  • Non-restrictive breathable clothing
  • Jacket (when weather calls for it)


  • Helmet (No helmet = no practice)
  • Bicycle (No tricycles allowed) 
  • Sunscreen (Not mandatory, but recommended)
  • Hydration (Water or electrolyte drink)
  • Gloves (optional)


Every child is required to have his or her own bicycle at each session.  For children who are not yet pedaling and do not yet have a bicycle, a balance bike (no pedals) is required and we recommend Strider.  Please click on the link and refer to their website for proper sizing according to your child's inseam and age.  For those children who currently have a bike and are pedaling without training wheels, their current bike is perfect.  For those children who are currently pedaling, but only with the aid of training wheels, a balance bike is required. Please DO NOT bring a bike with training wheels.  

There are a couple of local bike shops that carry children's bicycles as well as Strider and other balance bikes, we recommend:

Redlands Cyclery

Yucaipa Bike Center