There was a time when riding a bike meant that we had to wait until we grew tall enough to finally be able touch the pedals and strong enough to push each of them to get forward momentum.  Well, those days are long gone.  Today, riding a bike is as easy as being able to throw your leg over your pedal-less bike and simply walk with it.  The idea is brilliant and the idea is to completely remove the need for training wheels (which builds a false sense of balance) and go from "striding" on a balance bike to instantly pedaling.  

At Bykes & Tykes, we provide the platform for gaining those skills of balance, coordination, strength, fitness and positive motivation to get the littlest tyke excited about riding the bike.  During each class, each child will participate and experience stretching/yoga, our skills/obstacle course, games designed for cycling drills, eye-hand coordination activities, team building, dancing and of course...riding bikes!

Each session is 60 minutes long:

Little Wheels (18 months - 5-years-old) 

18 month - 3-years-old will be required to have the supporting hand of a parent throughout the duration of the class.