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Open House

Come and meet me and D at our home of Organic Giggles on Monday, October 9 between 9:00 am to 12 noon to see and experience who we are and what we are all about. Finding that perfect home away from home is tricky and there is no better way of knowing that you found that perfect until you and your little peanut walk through the front door and feel at home. 

While you are taking the Organic Giggles tour, we will be serving a small spread to give you a sample of the meals and snacks that your child will be feasting on while spending the day with us as well as offering the option of joining our Halloween Crafting session. The toys and games will be out for experiencing as well. 

At this time, if your family knows that Organic Giggles is the home away from home for you, we will be excepting enrollment. 

Please RSVP via email or text (808-772-3209) to let us know we can be expecting you and to receive the exact address (this will never be made public for the safety of our children). We do hope and look forward to meeting you and your family! 

Niki & D



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