“Our mission at Bykes & Tykes is to create a place for every child to find the love of the bicycle in an environment that is fun, high energy, motivating and challenging. No matter their athletic ability or cycling ability, we will provide them an opportunity to learn the necessary skills, gain a self-confidence and grow through health and fitness, all through pedaling a bike.”


If there is one moment in our library of young childhood memories that each of us can probably rewind back to with vivid replay, I think that memory would be...the bike. More specifically, our very first bike.  That very simple, self propelled, two wheel machine that managed to extract and build a new found quality of determination of learning to pedal on our very own.

The wind is blowing in your face as your hair dances in tow, your lips are permanently stamped with a smile so big that it almost hurts, while the sound of  your uncontrollable giggle could be heard from over a mile did it!  Each pedal stroke takes you deeper into that new  world of freedom and independence as the cheers that scream from your parents voices grow farther and farther away.  

The bike has rolled in and out of my life, beginning as the love of my life, to my mode of transportation, to my race machine, to my job and training partner, to defining me and most importantly, pedaling me into the love of my life.  The qualities, lessons, challenges, adventures and moments that the bike has given me are priceless and now that we have our own little one...I want to share all of this with not only him, but every little tyke that I can touch.  Which is why I decided to create Bykes & Tykes, a  place where little Tykes gather to not only learn how to safely pedal that most amazing two wheeled machine, but gain all the unique qualities and skills that it has to offer along the way.   While finding that permanent wind blown smile stamped on their face while pedaling their new found love.