Hello and welcome to Organic Giggles!

My name is Niki Parmelee, I am the Owner and Primary Caregiver of our little Organic Home Daycare, Organic Giggles. 

If you are reading this, you have probably spent countless hours, days and possibly weeks scouring the internet to the point of being guilty of phubbing while finding a way to casually  make daycare the topic of every conversation you have (with anyone), with hopes that she would be found.  When I say "she," I am referring to that perfect, Mary Poppin-ish individual who floats down gracefully from the sky with a black umbrella in one hand and a bag of magic in the other, while landing perfectly at your doorstep every morning looking ever so proper.  Upon her prompt arrival, she swoops up your little peanut in the most gentle fashion as he giggles and as you smile with relief..she is perfect. 

I only make this assumption because this is the scenario that my husband and I found ourselves in when we decided that it was time to find a home away from home for our baby boy, Delano.  The search ended up successful, when we both decided that instead of trying to find that perfect home, we would become that perfect home for not only Delano, but for other little humans whose parents were of the same mind. This is the very moment that our home became Organic Giggles, the place where the sound of giggles would now resinate tenfold throughout our four walls on a daily basis and the place where "learning, food and play all sprout organically."

As you will quickly find, there is truly nothing ordinary or expected about Organic Giggles, other than daily giggles and every aspect of our day evolving organically.  To begin, my accolades stem from my performance of athletics.  We will fast forward the years of playing every sport in the book, to eventually earning my way through college by literally running my way through it.  Following my college degree and history of running, the bicycle became a mechanism that would no longer be defined as my play or transportation, but it defined my job.  I pedaled my way around the world, racing at the highest level on a mountain bike.  My life was the bicycle and I dedicated every ounce of my being to becoming the best at what I did and was very successful. So, how did I end up here as an owner and primary caregiver of a small home daycare?  Simple.  I met the man of my dreams, we created our perfect little family and from the moment our baby boy was just a little speck in our world, we discovered an unfound love that we never knew possible. Instantly, my every ounce of dedication was no longer the bike, but creating that perfect little world for our perfect little family with every lesson and experience that I learned and lived along my wild journey of life.  Now, my every ounce of dedication has extended to creating that perfect little place for every little human who joins our little family at Organic Giggles. 

Throughout my racing career one key to my success was not my training, it was my fuel, and food was my fuel. The cleaner and healthier I ate, the faster and healthier I was, and the better I performed.  Although our little humans are not training to become world class athletes (yet), they are very busy training their body and brain every second of every day for life. Unfortunately, our little humans are not born into this world with the ability to make their own decisions, instead they rely on us to provide for them and teach them. This is why your child will not only be served healthy, natural, non GMO, free range and organic foods, but will be taught food every single day.  

While each  moment at Organic Giggles is an opportunity for learning organically, each child will participate in our daily preschool program that is intended to aid in both the cognitive and social development of each child as well as our daily themed activities:  Musical Mondays, Taste of Tuesdays, Witty Wednesdays, Thursday Travels and Fit Fridays.  

Organic Giggles is a place where our most treasured little humans are not only given the opportunity to explore, they are encouraged to explore and discover by using each of their five senses to learn and grow with each moment.  With a healthy, natural, fun and stimulating environment, each moment provides opportunity for learning. Whether it is the moment we see the ladybug that we just read about in a book flying through the garden, the moment we touch the different textures floating through our fingers as we create a natural green paint with the leaves we picked from the trees, the moment we experience and feel the challenge of balance while we make our way across the balance beam, the moment we taste the lunch we created with the ingredients just harvested from our very own garden, or the moment we hear the music and let our bodies move freely to the sound and sing as if no one is listening.  These are the small moments that surround us every day and here at Organic Giggles, we take the time to see, touch, hear, smell and feel them.  

My goal for your child is to be your child's home away from home and be a place where your child feels happy, confident, strong, inspired, brilliant and respected. My goal for you as a parent, is for you to feel confident each day as you drive away, that your child is in a safe and loving place where he or she is happy, while continuing to grow and learn every moment of every day.  If there is ever a doubt, you can be sure that your little peanut is just a phone call away.

I do look forward to meeting you and hope that Organic Giggles can be the home away from home for you little one!