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Welcome to our child home daycare, Organic Giggles!  

Organic Giggles is a place where our most treasured little humans are given the opportunity and encouragement to explore and discover in a healthy, fun, loving and stimulating environment with activities that help to build amazing and strong little humans.  Here are a few examples of what your little human will experience, explore and learn while at Organic Giggles:


Experiencing and learning the value of real organic food, where it comes from, what it does for our bodies and the simplicity in creating quick, delicious food with real ingredients.  The intention is to take away labels of "healthy food" and "bad food" and introducing the taste buds to real food that is delicious while organically creating eating habits that our minds and bodies thrive on.  All of the food that is served, is organic (whenever possible), non GMO and natural. 


Becoming a farmer at our Organic Giggles garden.  Each child helps in taking on the duties of planting, watering, weeding, trimming and harvesting.  Additionally, each child's first day with us, begins by planting their very own seed of choice, with their own hands and in their own planter.  It is their responsibility to take the time to care for it and watch it grow through each stage of life, from seed to plate or from seed to flower.


Opening and challenging the mind to creation and imagination.  Each child plays an important role of helping in the creation our play.  Many of our activities and our toys are built together by hand, so that we learn the "how" and explore the fun in making it work.  Ideas are always encouraged, and together, are brought to life.  


Expanding the mind academically in our "structured" learning space.  Each child will take part in our daily preschool session, where learning is combined with play to aid in both their cognitive and social development 


Exploring the body with activities that challenge. On a daily basis, we are challenged with workouts that not only creates fun, but encourages balance, coordination and strength to build a strong body and naturally develop confidence.


Nurturing the soul by acts of kindness and love.  With a strong foundation of love, we have created a place that from the moment the door is opened, the soul smiles.  We believe the best way to be taught is by example and creating the opportunities for our little ones to follow.  



Hi, my name is Niki Parmelee, I am the Owner and Primary Caregiver of our little Organic Home Daycare, Organic Giggles ... 

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When it comes to our food at Organic Giggles we strive to use the purest of ingredients. Each ingredient is pulled straight from our garden first ...

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